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Note: You can show To-Do Bar and appointments on it with: In Outlook 2013, click the View To-Do Bar, and check the Calendar from the drop down list; In Outlook 2010 and 2007, click the View To-Do Bar, and then make sure both Normal and Appointments are checked in the drop down list. You can print a list by clicking on the three dots next to the list’s name and selecting Print list. You can now add tasks to the top Change how you add your tasks Our original idea with To Do was to replicate pen and paper, where you keep adding new ideas to the bottom of the list.


How to print task list or to-do list in Outlook?

We can easily print one task by selecting and clicking File > Print in Outlook. However, if we select multiple tasks and print, it will print each task separately. But what we need is just to print the task list on one paper. How? Below method will solve this problem.

To Do List Outlook

Print task list or to-do list in Outlook

Please follow below steps to print the task list or to-do list on one paper in Outlook.

1. Shift to the Tasks view, and in the Navigation Pane click to select the folder in which the task list you will print.

2. Click File > Print.

3. Now please do as below screenshot shown:
(1) Please specify a proper printer from the Printer drop down list;
(2) Click to highlight the Table Style in the Settings section;
(3) Click the Print button.
And now the to-do list or the task list in the selected task folder is printed on one paper. See screenshot:

Print a task without username above in Outlook

Normally when printing a task in Outlook, it usually adds a horizontal line and your username above the task. Sometimes, the horizontal line and username are not necessary at all! Here, with Kutools for Outlook's Advanced Print feature, you an easily print a task, a contact, a meeting, or an email without the horizontal line and username by default. Click for 60-day free trial without limitation!

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To Do List Outlook

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