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More than 300 billion emails are sent every day. That’s about 3.5 million emails per second. Even if more than half of these are spam, there is still an enormous amount of serious communication that occurs around the globe. Part of good email etiquette is to let others know if you are temporarily not available – whether due to a business trip, holiday, or illness. The out-of-office auto-reply function is available for this purpose.

  • May 28, 2017 Set up an out-of-office responder while you're on vacation (how to do this in Outlook). Confirm you received the email and will respond asap. Now let's see how you can create an auto-response in Mozilla Thunderbird. Set Up Your Message Template.
  • Thunderbird has no native support for Vacation/Out of Office Messages However, you can configure your email account through the Outlook Web App to send a Vacation Message to all incoming messages. Please click here to learn how to set a Vacation Message with the Outlook Web App.

Create an 'Out of Office' message in Thunderbird. If you would like to have a signature at the end of every email, you can set one or multiple signatures up in Thunderbird and choose them when it is appropriate. Next we will explain how to set up a standard signature, then an HTML signature. Setting up a standard signature in Thunderbird.

In the email program Thunderbird, out-of-office emails can be set up using different templates. How this works is explained step by step in this guide. We’ll also show you how to set up an out-of-office message outside of Thunderbird with your email provider.

  1. How to set out-of-office message in Thunderbird– step by step
  2. A good alternative: out-of-office messages with your email provider

Offline for a bit? Thunderbird has got you covered

The email program Thunderbird by the Mozilla Foundation is available for lots of different operating systems. It is easy to use and follows familiar steps and interfaces. It is possible to set up out-of-office messages in Thunderbird. However, the procedure is slightly different from other email programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. We’ll help you set it up.

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Thunderbird’s out-of-office feature at a glance

To activate your out-of-office message in Thunderbird, take the following steps:

  • Compose the out-of-office note like a new email for Thunderbird and save it as a template
  • Open “Filters” via the settings
  • Create a new filter with a recognizable name for the desired mailbox
  • Edit this filter so that it will use your response template: “Reply with template”
  • Activate or deactivate the filter with the checkbox in the filter menu.

Do you need more detailed instructions? Our step-by-step instructions will help you along – just take a look at the guide below.

For an out-of-office reply to work in Thunderbird, it must be active on the computer you’re using. If this is not possible or what you want, the only way is to set up out-of-office is with your email provider – scroll down to see how.

How to set out-of-office message in Thunderbird– step by step

Compose your message

Compose your note like a new email by clicking on the “Write” tab (1).

A good out-of-office message will include your name, an explanation, and if applicable, a statement that your emails won’t be forwarded.

You can find tips and examples for a good message in our guide “examples for the perfect out-of-office message.”

The next step is different from writing a new email as you usually would.

Saving the out-of-office mail as a “template” ensures that Thunderbird can access your composed message at a later date.

Create the right filter

To be able to use your saved template for when you’re out-of-office, you’ll have to activate it via the filter for the mailbox you want to use it on.

After clicking on Filter (4a) another filter menu will appear.

It is best to choose a name for each filter that describes its use for specific occasions, e.g. “Vacations” or “Business Trip.” Activate the checkbox “Getting New Mail:” and select: “Filter after Junk Classification” to prevent your replies from being sent to spammers. Make sure “Match all messages” (7) is selected. In the bottom window, select what happens next: Using the option “Reply with Template” (8) means that Thunderbird will access your saved template and use it. Finish the process with “OK” (9) and then you will see your previously created filters.

Activate your out-of-office filters

To activate the appropriate filter, you’ll also have to select the correct mailbox (10). Select which filter you want to activate by checking the checkbox (11). Then simply close the menu (12). As soon as you are available again, you should deactivate the filter in this menu to prevent Thunderbird from sending more out-of-office messages.

A good alternative: out-of-office messages with your email provider

If you do not want to leave your PC on while you’re gone or are not allowed to leave your PC running (after all, this would cost a lot of energy), there is a simple alternative, which still allows you to fulfil good email etiquette requirements. Email providers also offer out-of-office autoresponders. We’ll show you how this works with some of the top providers.

We’ve got a dedicated article just for Gmail. If you use Gmail, and want to learn how to set up an out-of-office message, see our guide “Setting up out-of-office in Gmail.”

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Setting up out-of-office messages for IONOS Webmail

If your professional email address is registered with IONOS, you can use the web function to set up an out-of-office note. Start by going to

Click on your user ID in the IONOS Mail window to access settings (1).

You will then see the setting for your “Autoresponder' (2) under the menu “Mail.” Click on it to access these settings.

If the checkbox “enable autoresponder” (3) is checked, all senders of incoming emails will be informed about your temporary absence. To do this, formulate a suitable subject line and the body copy of the actual response in the “message” text field.

Just as with Thunderbird, IONOS’ settings don’t set the out-of-office message for a specific time. Remember to switch it off when you return!

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Thunderbird Out Of Office
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Autoresponder out-of-office message: GMX Mail

The popular free email provider GMX allows you to set up an out-of-office message easily. GMX is also a very customer-friendly solution.

Click on the wrench at the bottom left to open the 'Settings' menu in GMX. The autoresponder feature is there for when you’re away from your office.

By clicking on “Autoresponder” (1), the configuration window will pop up. Choose between a constant and a temporary (2) autoresponder while you’re out-of-office. However, there is no “subject.” This is stored in the GMX system as “Autoresponder” and cannot be changed. What to do? Simply write a more personalized message at the beginning of the text. The message is limited to 500 characters – just a little bit longer than this paragraph.

Out-of-office autoresponder in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a popular option for many looking for a free email service. It offers lots of features and has a highly customizable out-of-office responder, too.

By clicking on the gear (shown in the blue box) you’ll access all your email settings.

Scroll down until you find the option for “Out-of-office.” This is where you’ll be able to create lots of different out-of-office messages for any occasion – whether as a vacation responder, a business trip, or if you’re off sick.

Create a new out-of-office message by clicking on “Add new Out-of-office” at the top (1). The window on the right will appear, allowing you to customize your message. You can choose to send your message to everyone, contacts only, or only non-contacts (2). This is useful if you only want people outside your company to be informed of something, for example. You can also set when and for how long your message is sent (3). Zoho Mail also has the option to only send a message on certain days of the week – if you’re always away from your desk at certain times or on certain days, this could be a handy feature. Composing your message is straightforward. Just enter your text in the field, and the click save below when you’re done! Simple.

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In Short:- In this guide, we mentioned the manual steps to Convert Thunderbird Mail to Outlook PST. And also we shared the limitation that you may face with this manual approach. We also shared the direct way to convert MBOX files to PST using SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter tool. You can even try the demo version of this software to test its functionality.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most widely used free email clients application because of its great features. This email client saves the mailbox data in the MBOX file format.

But sometimes a situation comes when the users like to get the access of Thunderbird data in MS Outlook. But it is not an easy task to Convert Thunderbird Mail to Outlook PST. So for doing this below we shared the various methods that will help you out to do this task.

Manual Method to Export Thunderbird Emails to PST

So you can perform the MBOX to PST conversion in 3 stages given below:-

  • Convert MBOX to EML Files
  • Import EML to Windows Live Mail
  • Export Emails from Windows Live Mail to PST File

Stage 1- Convert MBOX to EML Files

To export MBOX emails into EML format just follow the steps:-

  • Start the Mozilla Thunderbird application
  • Now open the folder that you like to export
  • Here you can selectively choose the emails or press Ctrl + A to select all emails
  • Do right click on the emails >save as to save the messages in the EML format
  • In the next window choose the location where you like to save the resultant EML file
  • Tap Save to finish the process.

Thunderbird Out Of Office

Now you successfully saved the MBOX emails into .eml extension.

Thunderbird Out Of Office Reply

Stage 2- Import EML to Windows Live Mail

After following the stage 1 now its time to convert the resultant EML file into Windows live Mail format. Lets know how to do this:-

Thunderbird Office 365 Calendar

  • Open the Windows Live Mail
  • You can select the already exist folder or create a folder
  • In the next window open the folder that stores the EML database
  • Now choose the EML file that you like to convert in the PST format
  • In the mail folder of the Windows Live Mail, just drag & drop the chosen EML files

Stage 3- Export Emails from Windows Live Mail to PST File

Now its time export the emails messages of Window live mail into PST format.

  • Open the Windows live mail and tap on the file option
  • Select the Export emails and then tap choose Email messages
  • Now in the next window choose the Microsoft Exchange from the list of given options and tap next
  • The program will open the Export Messages dialogue window just tap ok to move further
  • Then under the Choose Profile dialog box tap on the Outlook
  • Now tap ok to start the process of thunderbird export mailbox to PST
  • Choose the needed folder that you like to export from windows to live mail to PST and click ok

Limitation with the Manual approach

  • A lengthy and complicated process
  • Does not guarantee to keep the folder hierarchy after making MBOX to PST Conversion
  • Requirement of technical skills to follow the manual approach

Thunderbird MBOX to PST Conversion using the Automated Tool

As we discussed above the limitation of the manual method so it is better to take the help of SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter software. This utility directly converts the MBOX file to PST format in a few simple steps. It can convert all the items of the MBOX file into PST format with keeping the folder structure intact.

If you are worried about the functionality of the software you can try its demo version. And after satisfied with the demo version you can jump to its paid version.

Thunderbird Out Of Office


Through this blog, we shared the manual method that will help you to convert Thunderbird mail to Outlook PST. And if you want a quick and accurate result you can use SysInspire MBOX to PST Converter tool. This software is best in its functionality and also gives a free trial version for the user’s satisfaction. Hopefully, you like this blog post and you will be able to resolve your query.

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