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OK, we don’t have to ask. You hate Facebook’s new layout that was enabled automatically in September 2020. You bought yourself some time back in June with refusing to try the new layout, but in September 2020, you have been forced to switch. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you – switch back to old Facebook layout from new.

  1. Jan 12, 2021 A future version of the build script would output the files directly without post-processing. Because many parts of our infra depend on the existing layout of the build artifacts directory, I have left the old workflows untouched. We can incremental migrate to the new layout, then delete the old workflows after we've finished.
  2. A: It does this by triggering an internal Facebook function to switch back to the Old Layout ('Facebook Classic'). This option is offered to Admins of Pages and Groups - but not ALL Pages and Groups. We don't know what criteria must be met for Facebook to offer the switch. It's also offered to some users in their settings menu.

When attempting to use the new “ Switch to old Facebook design ” option (or on updating to the new version in the case of Firefox) you may be presented with a dialog asking you for new permissions for the extension. A Permission window may pop up the first time you use FBP’s Switch to Old Facebook Design Option. Change back to old Facebook design via page Head to the page that you own on Facebook. After the page is loaded, look at the right sidebar. You will see this text, “If you’d like, you can switch to the classic Facebook.com for 48 hours to manage your Page”, right above Home.

Where’s the catch, you are probably wondering? There’s no catch. It’s about your browser new extension, depends which browser you use. Don’t worry, it’s really simple, but let us explain to you a few things first.

You need an extension for your browser

By installing this browser’s extension, you will have a situation where your browser’s user agent report as an old version of browser that is not supported by Facebook. That means, Facebook.com will think you are using an outdated browser, and it will display an old layout for you. And it’s good news for you!

Old Layout Facebook Firefox

What do you need to switch to the old Facebook layout? Nothing much. Below you will find links to the extensions you need to install to your browser. There are versions for Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. And it’s free. You don’t have to pay for anything!

Old Layout Facebook Firefox

Well, we have to stress out that this could be only the temporary solution, as you never know when Facebook might change settings on their end to stop this working. But, at the moment, it’s a really good solution for all of you who hate the new Facebook layout.

We must admit that many angry people said they would quit Facebook as they can’t get used to the new layout. But, they can switch back to old Facebook layout now.

Switch back to old Facebook layout below

Click to install the extension from the official Firefox Add-ons website

Old Layout Facebook Firefox Download


Click to install the extension from the official Google Chrome web store

Old Layout And Design On Facebook Firefox


Facebook Add On For Firefox

Click to install the extension from the official Opera Add-ons website

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