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Shumway be listed in the Add-on Manager's Plugin tab, so users can configure both Shumway's and Flash's click-to-play settings. Shumway is always wins over Flash unless Shumway=Never Activate. Media in category 'Mozilla Shumway' The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. Mozilla Shumway logo and wordmark.png 556 × 124; 7 KB. Mozilla Shumway logo and wordmark.svg 512 × 99; 2 KB. Mozilla Shumway screenshot.png 561 × 371; 63 KB.

Mozilla Shumway
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We're in the process of defining a roadmap towards a 1.0/ Minimum Viable Product release. In the meantime, an overview of our preliminary milestones and their dependencies can be viewed on our roadmap page.

Available in Nightly on Desktop for all platforms, *preff'd off*
Will not ride the trains for now, so not available on Aurora, Beta, and Release
Target Audience
Flash and web developers who want to test their content with Shumway and a general audience of folks who are interested in a Flash Player Alternative and want to provide feedback.

how do I enable it?


  • Easy. Just go to about:config and search for shumway.disabled. Flip that pref to 'false' and you should be all set
  • There are other prefs to explore which you can read more about, here:

Schumways Appliances In Milton Wi

What about the Summit Demo?

  • You can check it out, here:

Mozilla Shumway Update

Product Roadmap & User Stories [In Progess]

  • As a Firefox user, I have a more stable browsing experience because Firefox natively renders Flash ads, increasing my user satisfaction, usage, and likelihood to recommend.
  • As a Firefox user, I have a more responsive browsing experience because Flash ads in background tabs are throttled, increasing my user satisfaction, usage, and likelihood to recommend.
  • As a Firefox user, I can opt in to Firefox native Flash support so that I can help Mozilla test the feature.
  • As a Firefox user, I have a mechanism to revert to the Adobe Flash player for specific content blocks, so I am not broken in cases where Firefox's native rendering is insufficient.

Mozilla Firefox Shumway

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