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Overview of Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart is a free, online program that can be used to create graphic organizers, mind maps, concept webs, Venn Diagrams, and such. You can also share your diagrams with others as view only, or as templates, or with edit rights for live collaboration. Lucid Chart even integrates with Google Apps so you can use a GAFE account and store diagrams in your Google Drive. In this session we will cover how to use the program and look at many practical educational uses for students in the classroom.

Resources for this session can be found at:
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Presenter Information
Eric Curts is the Technology Director for North Canton City Schools in North Canton, Ohio, and he is the creator and maintainer of (connecting and assisting schools with Google Apps). He is a Google Apps Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher. He also co-hosts the ed-tech podcast “The State of Tech” at He is married and has four kids from kindergarten to college.
  • Twitter: @ericcurts
Hangout information
  • Monday, November 12, 7pm Eastern
  • Occurring live on Eric's Google+ Page
  • Hashtag #lucidchart
To view the live video session, simply go to Eric's Google+ page at on the date and time of the presentation.
You DO NOT have to have a Google+ account to view the live video session. You will be able to view the live video, but will not be able to leave comments.
How to Participate
An unlimited number of participants can watch the session live via the Hangout On Air. However, if you would like to join Eric and be part of the session Hangout, please post a comment on the event at explaining why you would like to be in the session Hangout. (up to 9 spots available)
How to Sign Up
Although there is no requirement to sign up to view the video session, if you have a Google+ account you can sign up for the event so that it will be added to your calendar and you will get helpful reminders. You can sign up for the event here:

Lucid Charts'

MicronutrientInteractions with other minerals or vitaminsInteractions SymbolCharacteristics of interactions
IronCalcium, ZincReduces the absorption of iron.
Vitamin AIncreases the absorption of iron. The level of hemoglobin is higher if iron and vitamin A are taken together than in case of iron alone.
Vitamin CIncreases the absorption of iron by enhancing absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
CalciumVitamin DIncreases bioavailability of calcium, potentiates calcium absorption by bone tissue.
MagnesiumReduces absorption of calcium.
ZincReduces absorption of calcium.
MagnesiumVitamin B6Promotes absorption of Magnesium into the body, and enhances the absorption and retention of Magnesium into the cells.
CalciumReduces absorption of Magnesium.
ManganeseCalcium, IronImpairs absorption of Manganese.
CopperZincReduces absorption of Copper.
MolybdenumCopperReduces absorption of molybdenum.
ZincVitamin B9(Folic Acid)Inhibits absorption of zinc due to the formation of insoluble complexes.
Calcium,Iron,CopperReduces absorption of zinc in the intestines.
Vitamin B12Increases absorption of zinc.
ChromiumIronReduces absorption of chromium.
Vitamin AVitamin C,EProtects Vitamin A from oxidation.
ZincRequired for the metabolism of vitamin A and for its transformation into an active form.
Vitamin B1Vitamin B6Slows the transformation of vitamin B1 to its biologically active form.
Vitamin B12Enhances allergic reactions to Vitamin B1.Cobalt ions in the molecule of cobalamin contribute to the breakdown of vitamin B1.
Vitamin B6Vitamin B12Cobalt ions in the molecule of cobalamin contribute to the destruction of Vitamin B6.
Vitamin B9ZincInhibits absorption of vitamin B9 due to the formation of insoluble complexes.
Vitamin CPromotes conservation of Vitamin B9 in tissues.
Vitamin B12Vitamin C, B1, Iron, CopperTurns vitamin B12 into useless analogs.
Vitamin EVitamin CRestores oxidized vitamin E.
SeleniumEnhances the antioxidant effects of each other.
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