King George V Post Box

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King George V Children

King George V Post Box

King George VI

Below are a selection of photographs contributed by members of the Group. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the photograph and start the slideshow


King George V Post Boxer

King George VI 1936 – 1952
G6R cipher, Robert Cole
G6R lamp box, 1930s, Northern England. Simon Vaughan Winter
G6R pillar box cipher. Robert Cole.
G6R wall box, 1930s, North England. Peter Relf

G6R lamp box, 1940s, Essex. Steve Knight
G6R wall box cipher. Robert Cole
G6R Ludlow wall box, 1930s, Surrey. Robert Cole
G6R pillar box, 1940s, Surrey. Robert Cole

G6R lamp box, 1930s, Kent. Robert Cole
G6R cipher, Robert Cole

King George V Post Boxing

BoxKing george iiiBox

King George V Post Box Number

Credit: For high resolution copies please contact the media team.

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