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Quite often people change their Gmail account and start cribbing about losing their contacts stored on the previous Gmail account. Thankfully, there’s a way that allows users to transfer all the contacts stored in the previous Gmail account to the new account. Here’s how one can do that. We do this by keeping my gmail contacts list up to date and have all our gear from where we write emails (iPhones, iPad, Macbook, etc) link ONLY to this contact list on my gmail account. It works perfectly and syncs in all directions, when my wife adds a contact on her phone or tablet, then I can see it on my phone and laptop. Hope this helps.

Share GMail contacts between different accounts

posted Aug 30, 2015, 3:50 AM by Sanjeev Jain [ updated Jun 25, 2017, 4:11 AM]
Are you looking for the best way to share contacts with your colleagues and friends? Or do you want to simply share contact between two accounts that you own ? Or you want to build a Global Contacts List ?
Unfortunately there is no feature that is built into Gmail that allows you to do this. One straightforward way of course is to Export your Contacts as .csv file from one account & import them into another account. You can find detailed instructions here:
1. Export Contacts from Gmail
2. Import Contacts into Gmail
If you wish to Sync the contacts on the fly, check out these apps. Do note that these have paid versions for full functionality.

Many users of Google Apps for Business are interested in sharing their contacts across the organization. Apptivo makes this possible with Google Contacts Sharing. With a simple set up, in Google Contacts, two new groups are created - Apptivo Employees and Apptivo Contacts. All employee and business contact information is now shared across all employees. e
    (1) Share business contacts company-wide
    (2) Get an employee directory or address book of your co-workers
    (3) Know email sender’s complete contact details when you receive an email in gmail
    (4) Synchronize contacts company wide on all devices - iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, Outlook etc.
    (5) Supports unlimited users and contacts (10 users in free plan)
    (6) Administrator can enable Google Contacts Sharing for all or only specific employees
    (7) Integrates with Apptivo CRM for full fledged CRM capability
    (8) Replication of Google contacts in Apptivo
    (9) Two way sync between Google Contacts and contacts in Apptivo's CRM
    (10) Completely free for businesses & non-profits
    (1) Keep contacts up to date company-wide for everyone
    (2) Save time and money
    (3) Have the information to reach your contacts anytime from anywhere

Pricing Details
Unlimited Contacts Synced Completely Free for 10 Users. Unlimited Users Available on Premium Plan.

With our application you can share groups of contacts with other accounts.
You'll find the shared groups in your GMail contact manager.

Share contacts by simply adding them to a shared group.
* Fine grained permission control allows you to grant read-only, edit-only or full access for each subscriber of the shared group.
* Shared contacts get synced up to every five minutes if you are running the Enterprise Edition.
* Sync the shared contacts to your iPhone, Blackberry or Outlook.
* Share contacts between different Google Apps domains or with regular Google accounts.
* Enterprise grade data protection: Install the Enterprise Edition in your own cloud!
floreysoft will have no access to your contacts data at all!
See application homepage page for more details and a short tutorial how to set up the shared contacts application for your own domain.
Free 30-days trial, 1€ user/year for large enterprises, 10€/year for single user license

Share & sync and Google contacts like you share Google Docs ! Contacts groups (address books) are shared with users who will update these contacts directly from their Google Contact interface.

  • You share your contact groups with specific users
  • Users can modify or add shared contacts
  • Works on mobile phones + mail clients
- Admin shares her contact groups or adress books with selected users of her domain.
- The shared contact groups will appear in the contact page of the selected users
- When a user updates or adds a contact in a shared contact group (directly grom her Gmail contact manager), changes are synchronized for all users who have access.
- Updates are also synchronized on their Outlook or Thunderbird clients and their mobile phones (Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile...)
With Gmail Shared Contacts you can share your adress books with anyone in your organization in a very simple way.
With Gmail Shared Contacts, Sharing google contacts is as easy as sharing a Google Docs or a Google Calendar.
You can now make public adress books by sharing your own adress books.
Some of the features that set Gmail Shared Contacts apart from other contact applications include:
- An intuitive interface that allows users, with one click, to share personal address books and contacts with specific people, the same way they share Google docs or calendars
-Seamless integration with Gmail lets users manage their shared contacts directly from their Gmail Contact Manger, without needing to switch to a separate application or window
- Reliable, fast synchronization of contacts across multiple accounts and devices, thanks to the Google App Engine infrastructure on which the app is hosted
- Full unlimited dedicated support
Free 14-days trial, Paid plan based on number of users in the Domain

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If you have a Gmail account, you can share Outlook Calendar and Contacts with others. This allows anyone to view and update appointments and contact records.


  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Gmail account
  3. CompanionLink
  • CompanionLink for Outlook if sharing calendar only
  • CompanionLink Express if sharing contacts and calendar

Sharing Outlook Calendars

How To Share Contacts Between Google Accounts

Create matching Outlook Categories and Google Calendars

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, create a Category to hold your shared Calendar events. Let’s title the category Shared Appointments. You can create any title, or use any existing Category in Outlook.
  2. Open your Internet browser and log in to your Gmail account.
  3. Create a new Calendar with the same title you created in Step 1. The titles and capitalization must exactly match between Google and Outlook.
  4. Select the option to share this Google Calendar. You can share with one person or with multiple people.

Assign Outlook Calendar events to Categories

  1. In Outlook, assign Calendar events that you want to share to the Shared Appointments category. This is a one-time process.
  2. When you create new events in the future that you want to share, simply assign to the Shared Appointments category. CompanionLink will automatically sync to the matching Google Calendar with the same title.

Set up CompanionLink on your PC to sync Outlook Categories to Google

Sync Contacts Between Accounts

  1. Download CompanionLink for Outlook to your PC
  2. Open CompanionLink and select Settings
  3. Select Outlook under the “From” section
  4. Select Google under the “With” section
  5. Select Settings under Google
  6. Select Selected Calendars
  7. Highlight all Google Calendars you wish to sync

Set up CompanionLink for every person who wants to share data. Each person must have their own Gmail account.


Sharing Outlook Contacts

Can I Share Contacts Between Gmail Accounts Using

You can also use CompanionLink to share Outlook contacts.

Create a Gmail account for sharing Contacts

Share contacts between google accounts
  1. In Outlook create a new Contact folder called Shared Contacts
  2. Create one new Gmail account specifically for contacts sharing only. Every person with whom you will share contacts will use this Gmail account in CompanionLink.

Set up CompanionLink on your PC to sync shared Contacts

  1. Open CompanionLink and click on the Profile box in the top right-hand corner (Express or Pro versions only)
  2. Select Manage Profile
  3. Select Add
  4. Configure settings to sync Outlook and Google
  5. Select Advanced > Applications tab and only select Contacts. Make sure other data types are de-selected
  1. Select the Outlook Folders tab
  2. Under Contacts, select the Shared Contacts folder created in Step 1

Repeat the above steps for anyone else that wants to share these contacts. Make sure to use the same Gmail account you previously created.

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