Anti Theft Post Box

  • Производитель: TOMTOP
  • Артикул: Y12665B

Professional grade high quality steel anti-theft vandal resistant locking mailboxes, mailbox posts, and mailbox accessories built to last. SAFE, SECURE, REILABLE, Mail boss Mailboxes offer real protection against MAIL THEFT, the fastest growing crime in the country. Protect your packages. Defend your deliveries. Decayeux D410 Anti-Theft PostBox Formerly Brabantia B410 Anti-Theft PostBox All Brabantia postboxes are made by Decayeux, as of April 2019 all of the Brabantia range of postboxes are going to be rebranded as Decayeux postboxes. The model type instead of having a B in front will have a D as in B110 to D110.


Описание и характеристики

An anti-theft mailbox will help to deter most thieves from stealing your mail. Many residential mailboxes are available as a one piece set with a built-in locking mechanism. If your mailbox is not equipped with a lock, you can purchase one from several online retailers. Locks are essential to help deter thieves and are extremely important when. DVault locking mailboxes are highly secure and specifically designed to protect your mail and package deliveries from theft. DVault mail and parcel drop boxes meet USPS postal standards and may be ordered as column mounted collection vault drop boxes, pedestal mounted drop boxes, or curbside post mounted secure drop mailboxes. Whether you want a parcel drop box with or without post, with rear or front.

Features:Portable in size and weight.Inner multilayer space.Waterproof oxford fabric and durable high density dacron.Anti-theft zipper and pocket design.External USB charge port.6 details design, meet your living needs.Multi-layer honeycomb network design.4 ways to carry.Octopus sucker design.Integrated box design, 45 degrees open.Portable headphone hole design.



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